Why Attend?

Educational Objectives

After participating in this educational event, and within the framework of diabetes, hypertension and lipid management, participants should be able to:

• Critically and systematically review current guidelines (changes)
• Implement standard therapeutic protocols
• Objectively recognize and address needs of individual patients
• Identify those patients in whom alternative, innovative treatment approaches are deemed necessary
• Understand new developments in diagnostic tools
• Understand and implement strategies to improve medication compliance, persistence and adherence
• Discuss challenging patients to colleagues and /or faculty
• Access available on-line resources provided by the PCM course
• Cutting edge know how and updates that can be useful in the daily practice
• Enhanced skills which can be applied directly in everyday practice

Specifically, the attendee’s clinical tool box will be enriched

In the field of diabetes:

  • The “growing” epidemic of obesity and its impact on diabetes, both type 1 and esp type 2 diabetes
  • Pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes
  • Diagnostic approaches to diabetes, and the importance of diagnosing pre diabetes
  • guidelines for the management of diabetes
  • New therapeutic approaches

In the field of dyslipidemia:

  • Historic perspective of Cholesterol as a treatable CVD risk factor; from diet to statins
  • Lipid Metabolism; the basics; relevant for clinical lipid management
  • Primary dyslipdemia; focus on FH: how to recognise, diagnose and treat.
  • A primary care roadmap for lIpid guidelines and lipid management
  • New therapeutic strategies; a curated digest for clinicians

In the field of hypertension:

  • Practical and systematic workup of a newly diagnosed hypertension
  • Stepwise and structured treatment algorithm and goals
  • Appropriate screening and diagnostic approach to identify secondary hypertension – renal, neuroendocrine, sleep apnea and more
  • Advanced treatment: Resistant hypertension, paroxysmal and fluctuating hypertension, multiple drugs and side effects
  • Discuss hot topics in hypertension:

– When to refer and how to read 24 hours blood pressure monitoring
– How to manage orthostatic hypotension and supine hypertension
– Extreme sport activity and hypertension
– Cardiovascular consideration of medical cannabis
– Hypertension and pregnancy
– Stress, job strain, anxiety and blood pressure
– Novel invasive therapeutic strategies

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